Friday, October 21, 2016

"...almost 1 in 6 adults — 15.9 percent — in the EU is considered obese."

EU Obesity Rankings: Malta Has The Highest Rate Of Obesity, Followed By Latvia

"The European Health Interview Survey, conducted by Eurostat, showed that almost 1 in 6 adults — 15.9 percent — in the EU is considered obese. The instance of the condition increased with factors like age and fell with higher levels of education, Eurostat data showed.
Malta emerged on top of the obesity list with 26 percent of its adults being categorized as obese. It was followed by Latvia (21.3 percent), Hungary (21.2 percent) and Estonia (20.4 percent).
Britain — expected to leave the union soon in accordance with its Brexit vote — came in fifth with 20.1 percent of its adults being obese. This was despite the fact that Eurostat figures released last week showed that the country was on top when it came to healthy eating — consuming five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, as recommended.
Romania’s rate of obesity was the lowest in the union with 9.4 percent individuals figuring in the category. Italy (10.7 percent) and the Netherlands (13.3 percent) were next."

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